Tumblr queued for updating

tumblr queued for updating-15

Instead of clicking the “Post” button to submit your post immediately, you can select the arrow next to that button.

A dropdown menu will appear, and you should choose the “Publish on...” selection.

I looked at my problem again and realized I only need to track how long you’re touching up inside the reblog menu item. Luckily I already had a computed property that was tracking the menu item’s state within the reblog menu item’s object: Reblog Menu Item.swift ... private var touch Inside Started = false private(set) var fast Queue Enabled = false ... The reblog menu controller, which spawned all the menu items, determined where to route the post when the long press gesture was completed inside a menu item, then sent the blog and post ID to the post controller where the API call was made. All I had to do after that was create an appropriate animation, then smooth out a bug where the timer would continue to tick if no blogs were selected and the menu was dismissed.

/** The potential states for the reblog menu item view. - Background: The item is not highlighted, but another one is. In the end, I was able to complete my project on time.

Technically this was not my first hack day, but this was the first hackday where I attempted to work on a project on my own.