Finding itune folders and consolidating

finding itune folders and consolidating-59

# What's Changed in 1.3 Prior to version 1.3, Roon handled i Tunes differently.

Instead of using the i Tunes XML to supplement the data in your file tags, Roon previously imported i Tunes libraries solely based on the data in the XML.

This can be done in i Tunes by "Consolidating" the library, but it will present an extra step for people with particularly complex setups and media spread across devices.

Users who are already using the old implementation can continue to do so -- we're not going to rip it out from under anyone, but new users will only be able to use the new stuff.

- Make sure you consolidate to the folder you want Roon to watch (meaning on your NAS or USB drive) - Make sure you have a backup of your media, as i Tunes will move your files around - To consolidate your i Tunes Library, follow Apple's documentation [here]( If your i Tunes XML is updating properly and Roon is watching a folder that contains **both* your XML and your media, you should be all set.