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Even more beautiful is the fact that the menโ€™s wives returned to the same people who killed their husbands and shared with them the good news of Jesus Christ, bringing the entire tribe into relationship with Him.

Today there are thousands of Christians facing persecution by their own government and other religious extremist groups around the world.

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We point to issues like the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case to fight a ruling to provide contraceptives to their employees, or the man who received flack for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding, and say that our government is persecuting us.

Beside the fact that many of these stories are blown out of proportion by the bias of reporters trying to blow away the other side of the aisle, American Christians are not being killed for their faith.

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Pray for the global church, and specifically for those on the front lines of countries such as North Korea, India, China, and dozens more where thousands of Christians are breaking the law simply by clinging to the name of Jesus.