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There is also the privilege of saying the priestly blessing.

In Israel, and in Sephardic synagogues [outside of Israel], this blessing is recited on a daily (or weekly) basis and in Ashkenazi communities, on major Jewish holidays.

As long as they stay married they are transgressing the law." D. based faith and religion writer Menachem Wecker confirms Goldin's words when addressing this predicament: "I don't know of any Orthodox rabbi who would marry a Kohein to a woman who is divorced or who converted, even if the couple does not plan on having children.

The only 'loophole' I know of is if the Kohein himself is the product of a union between a Kohein and a woman who is divorced or who converted.

And while one does meet a woman who has converted from time to time, much to the chagrin of many single Jewish guys out there, we generally don't find ourselves overwhelmed by throngs of beautiful wannabe-converts outside our collective front door.