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In other news, Lakin recently published new "mugshots" of Rachel & Shelia.

Compared to the old ones (see the bottom of the page), at least Shelia seems a bit more "adjusted" to prison life: | Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 | Oxygen's "Snapped" true crime series had an episode about the case a few weeks back.

One objective of this website is to collect and store material that's been spread over several different websites, discussion forums, books and tv segments.

Another objective is to remind, and keep reminding, the public of the terrible crime that Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf committed, and thus to play a part in ensuring that Shelia Eddy is never released on parole. The first five sections (Prelude, The Crime, The Investigation, Breakdown and In Court) describe the events surrouding Skylar's fate in chronological order. , Questions and Skylar's Site) provide further information about the case.

The case never went to court, because Skylar's parents accepted an offer from the girls' legal teams; they seem to have settled for 5 million dollars.