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" Love Into Light seeks to inject the cultural conversation with the same love and truth that Jesus offers.

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I took this excerpt from the video of another youtuber, someone I totally dissagree with and I share none of his oppinions...

Anyway, I liked this part of the video and what drew my attention was that brother Paul talks to a boy from Romania [like myself:)] and it helped me a lot because sometimes I find myself in the same situation where I don't know if I'm saved or not. Sinners always want to lead us away from the sound teaching and doctrine of Christ.

Here is a recent interview with Joel Osteen promoting more of his new book which is being hailed as just a little better than his last book on how to get to hell quicker.

Stay tuned for a special message afterward the interview. This message was preached by Paul Washer from Heart Cry ministries. series Only=true&curr Section=sermonstopic&sourceid=heartcry&keyword=Ephesians&keyworddesc=Ephesians Paul Washer is one of the few preachers that makes me cry and repent after I listen to his is the true power of the Gospel!

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