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At first i start to watch this drama it seems i don't interest at all and i watch it by fasting every episodes though it was a great story i admit it. In my life a could saying only one drama that changed my perspection and it was 'it's okay that's love' and now the king 2 hearts can be the 2nd best drama in my life. Actually, I first love him in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. My only frustration now is I want him to come meet his fans here in the Philippines but it seems that this will take some time to organize. his humility and good personality makes him endearing to his fans. " Personally, I thought he was really just super in "King Two Hearts" and "The Gu Family Book". Ok I wish you much success & a great actor & singer in all over the world. Hope you can find time to visit the Philippines just like what Lee Min Ho did. hey dude gu family book is very amazing..i thought it was really real.and suzy are both good to each other i hope you are real couple in reality very very good chemistry.. : D oppa..you're such a excellent person i hope you stay like this as you are.. I don't care if you focus on music, acting, or variety show, as long as you do it with your heart. I wish that u will act more new* and wonderful corean drama. The whole story is great but doesn't turns me to become seunggi fans so my other friend recommend me the king 2 heart. I declaring myself as his fans lol SEUNG GI JJANG~ pls continoue your acting on drama or movies. Love from indonesia though its late to became ur fans its better than never Will you be filming more epsiodes for Gu Family Book because I really love the tv show I was so into it that I wanted to be you for some reason I just love and the characters that are in it. And I think he also makes his fans so proud of him. May he always put his two feet on the ground even if he so famous. He has a lovely voice and is very graceful in the way he moves. I prewish you ; you long live n happy from your coming birthday 13 2014. I am very happy with all the films, played by Oppa LEE SEUNG GI, he's the best actor I've ever met, he was very smart in playing any role. :);):* Hi Lee Seung Ki or Lee Seung Gi its my first time to wacth your movie in Gu Family Book... Hoping to watch Gu Family Book 2 you and Suzy again.kang chi second chance of finding his true love.to see that in 2014.. dont forget to eat,and have sweet snack in your pocket to carry around so you wouldn't be dizzy because of low of glucose as i've seen in one of your variety show. ;) dont be burden by the fans or people who disturbs you.. Last month I always waiting 2 eps of gu family book every week.. And i can't wait for ur this new* drama.although i don't really like the main actress..hahaahah.its ocay if the rating is good. wish he will have another project with Shin Min- A because they have a very good chemistry. in malaysia , my friends had so happy with the series . Lee Seung-Gi was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 13, 1987. just love u lee seun-gi oppa ,its my first time watching you in a drama though i have watched love forecast film of yours,there ur acting was too different,this proves ur versatility and moreover i am also enjoying your reality show i.e master in the house ...i really like u as a person as u r honest yet mischievous,funny ...u r cute,sexy yet masculine ...hot and most importantly u r really frank,friendly yet know your limit....i hope and wish u loads of luck,success,happiness,love(hope u find ur perfect mate),health and wealth... Chemistry between you and Moon chae won is amazing as a real couple.

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” (결혼해 줄래) which has received strong response among his fans. for the first time i saw you in My Girlfriend is Gumiho... My birthday was 12/17 and all I did was listen to his music on Utube. Basic on kang chi this guy realy showed his feelings on love dispite being loved the girl so dearly that nobody undestud impresd m whea by his father atacked y_woo he cud even surender 2 b inhuman only 2 save ha which showd lov n on top of that he fights his father thou he knew that he cant his it up I love love love Lee Seung Gi. Thank you for all the effort you put into your work, whether it be singing or acting. a multi talented actor, hard working - down to earth person as per my observation after watching the reality shows he had been to. Honestly lee seung gi is not that handsome but he was awsome just the way he is.. and I love all his drama and movie and the character he played. I believe you'll stay long in the industry and will continue being a great actor. ") I know you're cool and your acting is brliliant, and your vocal, gosh I love "Return" very very very much but what I like the most from you is why you're so God damn smart. I hope that he continues with both aspects of his career, because we as "fans" want to continue to see and hear him in the many years to come.

Today, I am repeating to watch your movie "Love Forecast". Seeing you smile just makes my longing for you to be healed.

Going by his nickname “Heo Dang,” Seung-Gi was able to cut loose from his image as a cerebral person and act goofy, which increased his popularity even further. Seung-Gi's breakthrough as an actor came in 2009, with his leading man performance as Woo-hwan Seon in the SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” The drama series regularly received ratings near 40% and became the most watched drama series for the first half of 2009. Unfortunately, I do not understand Korean, & would love to hear him sing one of the GFB ballads in English. Korimorena Dear Seung-Gi ssi, I am not Korean and I'm not well versed in Korean way of conversation but I'm trying my best. Your face is simple& white cool peace face among many stars. Not only is LSG a fantastic actor, but his voice can melt my heart when i hear him sing.

On June 18th, 2009, Lee Seung-Gi released his digital single “Will You Marry Me? Notwithstanding, I still listen to him even though I'm not exactly sure about the lyrics. I can't believe how much he's accomplished, and how much he's grown. He is and always will be one of my favorite Korean actors. - Goodluck to your new movie "Marital Harmony" :-) Cant wait! First, I would like to congratulate you with all the success that you have now. ^_^ i still cant move on in your series " GU FAMILY BOOK " waiting for the part 2.. (Best vocal performance male award at 2013 MAMA on Hongkong). At this day ; u sing `The return´ song is very good & give as perfect and grand image for M Ma show with your clear: sweet & soft voice. Listening to his music brings tears to my eyes and my heart aches.

Im glad you completed your militer service this year, i hope you'll get back to dramaland soon after you leave. You are the best actor, my number one favorite actor.

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