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And Jesus knew it, and he said to them, 'Why are you talking about having no bread? However, the disciples interpret Jesus’ reference to ‘yeast’ in a very literal way, with reference to bread. As a result, Jesus goes on to address them as having no understanding or perception, having eyes and not seeing, having ears and not hearing.

Jesus often speaks in the language of image, metaphor and symbol.

One story from there is that Modhomhnóg was working with another monk one day making a road, when he had to rebuke him for some matter.

The other monk was seized with anger and took up a crowbar, but before he could bring it down on Modhomhnóg, David, who saw the incident, miraculously held back the angry monk's arm by his spiritual powers and it remained paralysed.

Oilithir means 'pilgrim' and this may indicate how Modhomhnóg came to be in Wales with St David in the first place.