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” When Carrie opened it, it was the necklace she was wanting! ” I was shaking my head and Mark was just setting there grinning.

Again, I was ready to pull over and open up a can of whoop ass, but instead, I reached into my pocket, and handed Carrie the tiny box, with the same necklace in it. So we got to Amarillo and started trying to find our motel, which was right on I-40.

Mark put another finger in her, he was now fucking her with three fingers!

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” His answer was, “Well, OK, I’ll try, but it might be hard for me to sleep, and you might as will get use to it, buddy boy, I plan on taking Carrie away from you! So we all laid down, Mark on the left, Carrie in the middle, and me on the right.

Carrie had her arm around me with her nice firm tits pressed against my back, just like I love to sleep.

Mark kept tongue fucking her ass as she moaned and did her cunt dance on our tongues!

After she came this time I told her it was time for us to fuck that love box! Carrie said, “I want each of you, one after another, non-stop! ” I crawled up and slid my cock into her juicy cunt and immediately her cunt began to dance for me, shaking, twisting, sucking, oh how good it feels!

We then got a few snacks and headed back on the road.