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Peter Thiel was right when he said that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally.

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There are 10s of millions of voters who probably preferred to consume other, non MSM sources of information. It’s that they don’t trust traditional reporting sources, aka, MSM, aka Main Stream Media. The Trump team is once again brilliantly using MSM to their advantage.

I don’t know how or why they developed this distrust of the MSM. They not only distrust the MSM, they seem to feel strongly that the MSM is controlled by forces that are intentionally trying to discredit the things they believe strongly in. Pretty much anyone and any outlet that recognizes and reveals the impurity of MSM outlets and reinforces the purity of their beliefs. They know that MSM will continue to be literal in their reporting, and the Trump transition team is grateful for it.

She was a threat to their lives, their livelihood, their country. She would never be able to wash that off and be trusted and neither could the elites or special interests that wanted to help her take away his supporter’s liberties. We are going through a transition after which Donald Trump will be our President. They knew every single past issue each faced would surface.

It was clear to his supporters that he understood them and she was a threat. From tweets to not being confirmed to breitbart news.

The MSM doing their job is going to make President Donald Trump stronger than he was the day he was elected.