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La forma recente del termine, o raramente in rōmaji.La scrittura giapponese permette infatti di distinguere i due significati: お 宅 (otaku) è casa, mentre オタク (otaku) è la passione monomaniacale cui fa riferimento questo articolo.He´ll NEVER get rid of it x D Die was the representative of his class when he graduated.

In fact during the entrance exam for high school he turned in a blank sheet of paper, and never even went! He tried many different instruments to figure out which he liked. Kyo hasn’t been having the best of luck with eyebrow piercings.

During the Macabre era he had one, but it got infected and was very sore, so he let it heal over, recently, he got another eyebrow piercing on the opposite side, but the same thing happened, so he let it heal over too.

He was so embarassed, he and his girlfriend met secretly so no one would catch them. He wanted red because it was one of his favorite colors and red was an exciting color, so he wanted it so that he could remain excited and energetic even when he comes home after work.

To compensate for the excitement of his bedroom color, his bathroom is done all in blue, where he feels the most relaxed anyway, because he loves baths.

Kyo once walked out on stage wearing one of the Child Prey mouse heads.