Jeff probst dating former survivor

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"You've never seen stars like you see in Africa," he says. when you really see what's up there, it's mind-blowing."He'd head back into his tent to sleep.

Come morning, he would open his tent zipper one click at a time.

"I really began to understand simultaneously how unique I am and how I'm one grain of sand in this giant beach we live on.

It really did help shape me."Anytime there's a break, "we play hard," says Probst. Probst shared his top 10 favorite spots in the world with CNN, some of which are places the show took him. Blue Corner, a popular (and advanced) diving spot where you can descend at least 20 feet and clip onto a rock, is a favorite dive. "The entire sea world goes past you, and it's the most amazing aquarium in the world." Another favorite spot is Jellyfish Lake, the home of hundreds of thousands of jellyfish that have lost the need to sting because they don't have to fight predators.

We have spent a lot of our time in the jungle,โ€ host Jeff Probst told or not, we like it. A trip to Wamba Hospital with two goats and a @Lexvanden Berghe #Survivor500 Qut EOT โ€” Ethan Zohn (@Ethan Zohn) March 7, 2017 HAPPY #SURVIVOR500 DAY EVERYONE!!