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Over the next month, even as my morals argued it was completely wrong…my too long ignored libido screamed it was okay.I began pleasuring myself while imagining my vibrator was Paul’s cock fucking me. It became unhealthy and obsessive, and it soon began to consume all my thoughts and dreams.I had always been slightly chubby, being big-boned like my father, thus I had large, all natural, 38DD breasts and a wide ass.

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I sucked my dildo imagining it was Paul’s cock I was sucking. I regressed to my teen years as I began, inadvertently at first, attempting to entice my son, like I had his father all those years ago.

Although I wasn’t as thin as my perfect body cheerleading days, I was still in decent shape. The beginning of grey was showing up in my black as night hair, but so far I hadn’t thought it showed enough to dye it.

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