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In fact, after Golden Gate, she’s headed to Westminster in New York City.The 122nd edition of the event was a predictable blend of dog lovers, meticulously groomed owners and their even more meticulously groomed Shih Tzus and Afghans.

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After falling in love with the breed, Mauel started her own kennel (called Saint Florian for the patron saint of firefighters), and her dogs have gone on to win numerous show titles, act on film alongside Jeff Bridges, and, most importantly, join local families as beloved pets.

Clockwise from top left: Madison, Dawn Mauel’s brown-eyed girl; red patches and spots on an English Springer Spaniel, the breed that took home Best in Show this year; 5½-month-old Merlin the Mudi (a Hungarian herding breed hoping to be recognized by the American Kennel Club this year); a Shiba Inu (of doge meme fame) in fuzzy, whiskered perfection Almost every breeder at the show will assure prospective owners that their breed will make a good family pet, which means families have a lot of dogs to choose from — some less common than others.“There are a lot of really interesting breeds here,” says Mauel, “and a lot of breeds that used to be considered rare breeds in the U.

If you attended the Golden Gate Kennel Club (GGKC) Dog Show over the weekend, you would have had ample opportunity.

Breeders, owners and the public who attended GGKC continued the longstanding tradition of parading dogs in the ring while petting them behind the scenes.

Madison, a Silver Grand Champion Dalmatian, focuses on her breeder-owner-handler, Dawn Mauel of Los Altos, at the Golden Gate Kennel Club on Saturday.