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She delayed her escape for a few moments to watch the fires of her inferno surround the mansion and grow higher before driving away content that she was the last woman to be so sexually assaulted by those men. Only, none of them, not one of them, was as beautiful and as sexy as was Heather.

Moreover, content to live a lavish life, none of them complained or refused to go along with be sexually used and abused. "My oh my, I can't wait to fuck her," said someone else.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I'd be suspected of arson and arrested, I would have hung around to watch the inferno and to toast some marshmallows," she said with a laugh. As if she was just another company perk, their fourth quarter, yearend, bonus for a job well done, they passed Heather around to their boardroom of top executives,. She's never been naked for so long in front of so many men. With so many men violating all of her holes, all at the same time, even when she did gymnastics and ice skated, never has she moved her legs in so many different and awkwardly difficult positions.

Now that it was over, looking back at all that happened with clearer eyes, in hindsight, knowing that it was all preplanned and prearranged, she understood why she was treated like a whore and so used, abused, and gangbanged. No doubt, fearing he'd lose his job, not even her husband came to her rescue. Caked with their dried semen, drenched in a mass of dried and dripping cum, it took her three long, steamy hot, tearful showers to rid herself of their stench.

Forcing her in a corner when getting her alone, except for the expected drunken groping by a few of the top executives of the company, Heather didn't expect this party was any different than the one she attended last year.