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One could argue this is a good thing since it makes it less likely that you’ll be hijacked and logged into someone else’s site.

After all, saving passwords are big security issues (e.g.

“Remember Me” doesn’t mean what it says A more accurate statement would be probably “Remember Me, if you’re allowed to”.

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This appears to be a version-specific issue for the Internet Explorer as well. This isn’t a final pronunciation but my guts says “No” on this subject.

As mentioned, this is an Internet Explorer thing and Access needs to get the token after authentication, so while I believe there may be APIs that could allow you to simulate logging in, you’d be faced with problem of feeding that token to Access.

Scroll all way to the bottom then select “Authenicate with current username and password” Once you’re set the radio button, click OK, then OK again on Internet Properties dialog to close both dialogs and save the changes. From this point on, the steps diverge between Windows XP and Windows 7 — for those on Windows 7 scroll down further to see the steps for Windows 7.

On the Advanced tab, click Manage Passwords Click the “Add” button. You can now go to your Access application, login in then check the “Remember Me” this time and you won’t be challenged next time you run your Access application.

Caveats The steps I have outlined here are essentially the same steps that one would take to remember the login for any other Share Point function.