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Seeing a movie, holding hands, and even stealing a kiss would be fine ... - Carl A Retired Nor Cal Cop Sergeant "Make mine a double mocha ... " Seek justice, Love mercy, Walk humbly with your God -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ... (using the accepted claim that girls mature 2 years faster then boys and both continue maturing till age 25 (and 23 respectively) Someday he will be 64 and she 61.

Fondle, grope, or have sexual contact of any kind ... And, the 18 year old had best not keep the little miss out after curfew, engage in activity that will cause her to run afoul of her parents or the law, and not engage in any criminal activity in her presence. Lo L A 15 year old girl is about the same maturity level as an 18 year old boy.

Your daughter has already committed a crime by engaging in ANY sexual activity with this child.

She is an adult and should not be having sexual relation with a boy of 15.

page=Florida Regards, Joluko WE DO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS! you may think we dont but truely we know more then you think. We hear what you say about love and how you know if your in love or not. You adults tell us the signs and we look for them, when we find them we hold on to them. Teenagers do not fully grasp sacrifice,and therefore can not fully grasp love. but it feels soooo good we should coddle the children. All our young friend heard was that there is an adult out there that validated her illegal relationship.