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The error page appears if you miss the deadline for confirming the authorisation (5 days) or if you have used the wrong user account to log onto the portal.

•If you have missed the deadline, please contact the main user of the vehicle again so that they can re-authorise you.

The data status will show you when the remote data were last updated.

As the main user and owner of a vehicle, you are able to manage the list of co-users for the vehicle and also withdraw co-user rights.

You will find all current warning messages listed here.

If you then click on a warning message, you will be offered the following options: •"Operating instructions": takes you to the operating instructions for your vehicle, where you can read the manufacturer's recommendations as to what to do when you see this warning message.

The Parked Vehicle Locator was developed to help find the vehicle at a car park, and has a maximum radius of 1.5 kilometres from wherever you are.