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With 278 municipalities and numerous demarcation name and other changes over the years it can be bewildering to anyone not closely associated with local government to form a clear picture of how the local government layer of South Africa fits together.

In this second edition we have also added a number of additional information fields to the directory primarily dealing with economic data as well as key information regarding Local Economic Development initiatives programmes and opportunities.

We aim to keep expanding this information in future editions to provide an increasingly valuable overview of the economic-status as well as developments and opportunities in municipal areas across South Africa.

No responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions in the contents of the publication.

The Local Govemment Handbook South Africa ISSN 2220-5179 THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT HANDBOOK SOUTH AFRICA 2012 A complete guide to the municipalities in South Africa SECOND EDITION IDC - a new path to development What we offer you The IDC assists start-up and existing businesses with a minimum funding requirement of Rl million and a maximum of R1 billion.

We believe the addition of these messages provides a new dimension of information regarding initiatives and available services in the local government sphere.