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Whether you're trying to cull the mountains of clutter, or you're a self-identifying neat freak, there's serious wisdom to be gleaned from the Kon Mari Method.BUY NOWSheryl Sandberg's highly motivating book (born from an incredible TED talk she gave in 2010) is a call for women everywhere to start advocating more strongly for themselves in the workplace.Fitness coach Nia Shanks believes that fitness should always be fun and personally fulfilling.

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Whether it's pride or shame that holds us back from seeking support, it can feel like such a revelation to finally realize that people are willing to help if you're brave enough to ask for it.

In this book, singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer explores her philosophy behind giving what you can to someone and asking for nothing in return, and why this is such a radical concept in our modern society. It's no longer about "beach bodies" and "thigh gaps" and all of the toxic messages that women have been fed about staying thin and trim at all costs.

I’m about to imply that you are not as perfect as you may want to believe. Pass them up at your own peril.1) The Four Hour Work Week What it is about: A how-to guide on dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend on stuff you don’t like. What is does: Gives you clarity on what matters in your life and what you need to make it happen (financially and psychologically).

You’ve got nothing to lose in reading them but a few bucks and a few hours time.

The book BUY NOWFor the multi-hyphenates out there who are a wife, mom, manager, friend, household bookkeeper, and active community member, there can come a point where juggling all of these roles can feel seriously overwhelming and energy-zapping.