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The album ended with an untitled twenty-second muscular vamp after “In A Simple Rhyme” that the band referred to sometimes as “Tank” or “Growth.” If the band was not rushed to finish the album, the mystery riff would probably have been developed into a full song.Instead the idea was to let the riff fade out, then start the next album by fading it back into a full song–a plot that was never hatched. P., made from highly desirable and resonant korina wood.No longer allowed the endless club dates that had honed their past material and defined the songwriting process, Eddie and Alex played the main riff to the song together in Dr.

This neo-skiffle treat also featured harmony vocals by former Linda Ronstadt session vocalist Nicolette Larson.

She was repaying a favor, as at the end of 1978 Eddie had stealthily recorded a guitar solo for her hit Nicolette album against Roth’s wishes.

The The instrumental tracks were recorded in four days and the vocals added afterward in six days.

Inside of a week later, they had a finished record.

“Cradle” was the only single released from the album.