Sexy chat online with a robot

After the bot has fed and entertained your dog and the batter gets low, the bot automatically searches for its wireless charging station.

The bot currently has a working time of 160-320 minutes, with a four-hour charging time.

The robot has 18 different personality types from happy to sensual, shy to talkative. As part of her visit, Ms Sugar Cookie also spoke to cyborg Harmony 2.0 who can be programmed with 18 different personality traits, including 'shy' and 'sexual', to provide an 'emotional connection' with its owner.'I think women get more choice in terms of sex toys than men. ', said Ms Sugar Cookie.'The industry will definitely have something to offer women.

It is modes such as 'shy' which most concern critics, who cite another sexbot as a blatant invitation to 'normalise' rape. You can already get 'f*** machines' for women', she said.

'The production and demand for the dolls were way larger than I thought', adult performer Harriet Sugar Cookie told Daily Star Online after visiting Real Doll manufacturers in California.'You can get almost anything you want, it's a fantasy. Last month The Mail on Sunday became the first newspaper to experience Harmony 2.1, the latest version of a sex robot Matt Mc Mullen has been working on since 2014.