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Uncle Maury lives off of the Compsons’ money and hospitality, and he is also having an affair with Mrs. Uncle Maury uses young Benjy and Caddy as messengers to deliver his love letters to Mrs. These memories of Caddy make Benjy moan again, which annoys Luster. Benjy is only three years old at the time and his disability has not yet been discovered.

Returning to , Benjy and Luster walk past the carriage house on the Compson property, which reminds Benjy of a time he saw the carriage house long ago during a trip to the family cemetery. The barn swings Benjy’s memory back to a time in when he and Caddy were delivering one of Uncle Maury’s love letters to Mrs. Benjy then thinks of a different time when he was delivering one of the letters by himself. In this memory, Quentin, Caddy, Jason, and Benjy are all playing together in the stream.

—regardless of when they actually occurred in his life.

The events that actually take place on April Seventh are rather insignificant.

Luster had intended to use the quarter to buy a ticket to the minstrel show in Jefferson that weekend.

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