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I am a Coptic Orthodox woman, born and raised in the church, I find it frustrating when Coptic men make sexist remarks and are very misogynistic.

I often feel ashamed of the cultural heritage of our church and how influenced we are by Arabic and Judaic ideologies.

I am not only speaking about during the liturgy, but also during meetings and social events. Jesus should be our role-model, therefore when we put others down, exclude people and judge, we are directly contradicting the teaching of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am simply a Christian woman seeking answers and a way to enhance the experiences of women in the church.

My concern is that this cycle of ‘Egyptian’ culture will not end with the new generations because it is still ingrained in many of our practices. notice I said We fail to practice what we preach because we are so caught up in the ‘coptic’ aspect of our identity that we forget we are Orthodox. Our church is intent on sticking to traditions passed down directly from Jesus’ apostles (which I fully agree with) BUT we fail to see that there is a difference between making minor changes (that adhere to the true meaning of Christianity) and major changes (that can affect our Salvation). They both sinned and one is not to blame over the other.

The church should be this place of safety, in fact, it our safe haven from the evils of the physical world.

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