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The term was coined by Rob and Stephen during Survivor: Cagayan due to Spencer imploring the jury to vote for Tony. David Murphy campaigned for all of the jury members to vote for Rob Mariano and then proposed to his girlfriend during the finale, thus completing the elusive Full Murphy.

A quote from Jonathan Penner in Survivor: Philippines; when trying to convince Lisa Whelchel to vote with him, he references his storytelling skills as a writer and how she may be aligning herself with the "bad people." Used as a soundbite during the "Fan Fiction" song, which plays every time Rob or a guest accuses someone of making up circumstances.

Rob Cesternino owns a copy of the book and often ironically references it and the rules when discussing utilizing strategy from previous contestants.

In a takeoff on Stephen Fishbach's Fishy award (see below), the "Cesty" awards who Rob considers was the worst strategist in that episode of Survivor.

A term that Terry Deitz used to refer to Joe Anglim and other alpha males during Survivor: Cambodia, as in, "What's up Brochachos?

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    After the news Sarah's cancer had spread to her ovaries, the couple applied to Gift Of A Wedding, a charity helping people with a terminal illness.

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    With my husband’s freedom comes his own responsibility, and I allow him to have that as well.

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    The city, with its adjoining conurbation, is the largest in Nigeria, as well as on the African continent.

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