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The Conservative dream scenario before the election was of minimal Tory losses, minimal Labour gains, but with Corbyn still in place. In addition they have enjoyed the added bonus of supplanting Labour as the official opposition in Scotland – ‘seismic’ was how one No 10 adviser described it – and of seeing little evidence that the voters were preparing to punish the Government for their ongoing divisions over Europe.

Even the one setback – Zac Goldsmith’s drubbing in London – had a silver lining.

Whilst Labour MPs were fighting each other for the spoils of defeat, Downing Street insiders could hardly contain their delight.

‘These are basically the perfect results for us,’ said one aide, with justification.

It worries me that too many of you here don’t know what winning is about.’Throughout the day Khan’s leader Jeremy Corbyn had been trying to convince his party and the country of precisely the opposite.