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Garbo's vanity items - including a box of mascara brushes, hair accessories and a vintage Gillette razor - will be sold alongside plenty of smoking paraphernalia, such as ashtrays, matchbooks and boxes and cigarette lighters and cases .The supermarket giant announced today that it is removing the curved pastries (like this one, pictured) from sale as British people struggle to butter them and will instead only sell croissants with straight edges From tomorrow Tesco will no longer sell the crescent-shaped French pastry and the move will affect nearly one million of the supermarket’s own label croissants a week which are currently made in a crescent shape.'With the crescent shaped croissants, it's more fiddly and most people can take up to three attempts to achieve perfect coverage, which increases the potential for accidents involving sticky fingers and tables.' While the croissant is always thought of as a traditionally French pastry, its origins lie in Austria and a crescent shaped roll called a Kipferl – the German word for crescent shaped - which was created to celebrate the defeat of the Turkish army at the siege of Vienna in 1683.“Both of them have strong country roots and backgrounds,” explained Chris Rupp, who serves as Home Free’s musical director, vocal arranger and road manager.

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When co-founding lead singer Matt Atwood decided to retire a year ago, Brown was eager to step in.

The two Southerners made a crucial difference when the group auditioned a fourth time for “The Sing-Off” last spring.

After their victory show was taped last fall, the group quietly holed up at a studio in Lakeville to record with producer Darren Rust of the Blenders, the Twin Cities’ most prominent a cappella outfit.

In 11 days, they cut the 11-song album on Columbia’s dime, and Home Free got to keep its $100,000 “Sing-Off” prize.

The estate - comprising the contents of Garbo's New York apartment and Swedish mansion - reveals a playful, funny and eccentric side to the actress who died in New York in 1990, aged 84, of pneumonia and renal failure, without ever having married or had any children.