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***** After that afternoon of raw animal sex between Derek an eighteen-year-old senior in high school and Keryn the widowed mother of Tamara, also a senior in high school, the two tended to avoid each other, nor had Derek tried to see her again.

[For a better understanding of how their relationship began please read The Dancer.

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However, this story may be read on its own.] Keryn however, caught herself looking out the studio windows quite frequently in anticipation of his presence.

Keryn knew that gleam in his eyes, from her earlier years as a swinger and knew he was not finished with her yet.

Then one night it happened, Keryn realized she was considering the possibility of having sex with Derek again.

His cook had felt so good inside her, so damned good!

Thus far Keryn had been satisfied with getting by on her erotic fantasies and using her fingers, or her ten years old vibrator dildo from some shop in London. Keryn was preparing for bed, and her body was hot and soft from her scented bubble bath, and the scented oils she had applied afterward.