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Commemorating the women who fought for the vote; what next for the Democratic Party in the US?

Kevin Trudeau, the undisputed “infomercial king,” is one of the most successful TV pitchmen of all time.

Sitting behind a Formica conference table, one leg crossed casually over the other, Trudeau is wearing a custodial-green button down over a brown T-shirt, and slacks, all crisply ironed.

His simple digital wristwatch is a comedown from the luxury timepieces he once favored (“It’s a Rolex! He’s in good shape for 51, lean and well-tanned, with a touch of sunburn on his nose and cheekbones, a walking advertisement for those natural cures he touts. Silvery and fluffy under a green baseball cap, it flares out over his ears for a clownish, almost Wonkaesque effect.

Situated on a working Air Force base, the prison has no guard towers, ribbons of razor wire, or clanging steel doors.

It’s just a set of buildings within a gracious and impeccably landscaped military compound that also includes a golf course, a shooting range, and several greenhouses.

Billed as a comprehensive guide to success, it was based on the principles Trudeau said he’d learned during his tenure in a secret society called “the Brotherhood,” which supposedly included many of the world’s richest and most powerful people.