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The group held their goodbye stage in early September after finding great success with their album and title track.They then turned their focus towards their overseas activities, including their Chinese debut.

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Fans might be surprised at the pairing, giving Susie's history with a high-flying executive and Mick's well-known brand of self-depreciating humour.'He is a great golfer and I love the game and have been playing a long time, so we have been down the coast playing quite a bit of golf.'Comedian Mick is well-regarded as an icon of Australian cinema, regularly depicting the classic Aussie battler in films such as Crackerjack, Boytown and Bad Eggs.

This persona spills into his Triple M breakfast gig as a member of The Grill Team.

In February 2012, they came back with their new style of music through Touch.

In the later quarter of the year 2012, they released Independent Women Pt. The album was designed to pay homage to the song "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child, the group's idol.

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne star confirmed the news to The Herald Sun in an article published Sunday, describing the radio presenter as 'one of the most brilliant men' she's ever met.