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Mentors base their instruction on real life experiences.”I have bright memories of sitting in Janis’s class as a senior in high school as she sat in front of the room, fluffed her fiery red hair, and invited us into the worlds of Chaucer and Shakespeare.Janis, who embodies the Shakespeare quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce,” was quick to share her traveling experiences to help us better understand England and English history as well as come alongside students to discuss writing and literature.These are just a few examples that would make great submissions.

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Your mentee is a unique individual with unique talents who needs to follow a unique course in life,” Nigro says.

A mentor must be able to offer guidance while also looking for ways to let someone experiment and question their own practices.

Athena aims to reconnect Telemachus with his family legacy and insert a “mental strength…the kind of surge of power you feel in being able to put things into action.” Breaking down the word “mentor” to the Greek In addition to lighting the path, Julie explains that a mentor can be like a tuning fork who can tap into someone’s needs through questioning and exploring possible moves.

However, both parties need to be willing to explore the path together., explains, “A mentor performs the role of prudent counselor, dispensing advice on career paths, and offers beneficial problem-solving hints on the more immediate matters of the work at hand.

I had new preps, I was in an unfamiliar community, and I had to adapt to a new school culture. Thank goodness there were supportive teachers in the English department who could offer advice on curriculum and classroom management as well as a supportive administrator like Julie who would end up seeing the best in me and helping me to hone my classroom practices and leadership abilities through supportive and honest conversations and feedback.