Consolidating itunes

Additionally, there is a Download button in the upper-right corner when viewing an album in Amazon Music.

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Amazon makes it insanely simple to align music purchased from it with your i Tunes library, but you need the Amazon Music app, available for both Mac and PC, instead of just accessing the service from a browser.

The app features two settings that open a pipeline directly to i Tunes for all Amazon Music purchases.

There is no such automatic pipeline to i Tunes from Google Play Music as there is with Amazon Music, but it’s still a relatively quick and painless process.

For starters, you don’t need a separate app to download music from Google Play Music but you will need to use Chrome and the Google Play Music Chrome extension.

It means that i Tunes is copying everything you have and placing it in a central location. This assumes that you have imported items from other locations aside from that folder.