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They show the Roman world view around the third century.

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The Parergon maps, which he considered his major cartographical achievement, bear witness to this.

As early as 1578, Ortelius knew about the existence of the Peutinger tables and tried to get hold of them.

Despite this it was received by the public with such enthusiasm that no less than 7300 copies were produced in thirty-one editions from 1570 to 1612.

Ortelius also issued about 750 copies of Additamenta and about 600 copies of the Parergon (maps from the antiquity), some separately, some bound up with the regular atlas to order.

Two states of the cartouche of the Flandriae plate,occurring in two exemplars (Leiden University and Amsterdam University) of the first version of the first edition of the Theatrum, (Koeman's Ort 1A).