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In the HAARGIS photo from the 1970s, it appears to still be an active police station. Though it is still used for police purposes of some sort, it hasn’t been a District headquarters for quite a while. This Chicago Lawn neighborhood police station is located on 63rd Street near Central Park.

It was formerly home to the 8th District, and now serves as a Department of Health clinic, as shown in the current view. Built in 1925, it is a rather unique design among Chicago’s police stations.

On the corner of California and Pershing stands the former headquarters for the 20th District. It formerly served the 16th District, and was recently closed when the department relocated across the street to a new station.

The station at left is on Chicago Avenue west of Laramie.

Here, we take a look at and tell the story of Chicago’s former police stations which still exist today, as well as a few that have been demolished.