Intimidating and threatening boss

If these imbalances and issues are treated early, you may avoid a coding patient later on in the shift.Let’s say your patient had a cardiac surgery a few days ago.

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Therefore, I highly recommend finding out what the blood pressure is and if the patient is symptomatic first. For example, delegate obtaining a full set of vitals to a nursing assistant while you quickly assessed the patient and call the physician. However, the physician may order a patient to have a synchronized cardioversion or they may order a chemical conversion.

They synchronize cardioversion is exactly what it sounds like.

I’m going to go over a few common ECG changes and typical subsequent nursing interventions.

As you’re looking at the monitor, you’re noticing that there are more PVC’s.

For many nursing students and new nurses EKG interpretation can be intimidating, to say the least. v=y TF1ob IFq OI"] Ventricular Tachycardia (VTach) is a rapid heartbeat above 100 bpm originating in the ventricles.