Updating multiple rows oracle

updating multiple rows oracle-76

Then he presses CTRL C to enter into interactive mode.

Then he will get the Export STOP_JOB=IMMEDIATEAre you sure you wish to stop this job ([y]/n): y The job is placed in a stopped state and exits the client.

Afterwards when your work has been finished you can continue the job from the same client, where you stopped the job, or you can restart the job from another client machine.

For Example, suppose a DBA starts a full database export by typing the following command at one client machine CLNT1 by typing the following command $ expdp scott/[email protected] FULL=y DIRECTORY=data_pump_dir DUMPFILE=LOGFILE=JOB_NAME=myfull Job After some time, the DBA wants to stop this job temporarily.

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