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The woman, who last saw the couple together in Ibiza during the summer of 2016, also revealed she witnessed first hand Mel's drinking problems.'She was drinking a lot and I saw her smoking weed in Ibiza.I remember when I was at the house in Hollywood she was taking shots of vodka at 10am while baking cakes with her kids, and then she'd open a bottle of champagne.'I know Stephen was upset by it, he didn't like to see that, but he was never aggressive with her.'Shockingly, the woman claims bi-sexual Mel kissed her passionately in front of her young daughter Madison, aged six in the star's living room at her Hollywood Hills home.'It was during the early evening at Mel and Stephen's house,' she recalls.'Mel had been drinking and she kissed me on the lips with tongues.

The sordid recording will be entered into court in amongst more than 2,100 exhibits Belafonte's legal team plan to present at the domestic abuse trial later this month.

The identity of the mystery woman involved in the sex tape isn't known, but both Mel B and Belafonte have admitted to having threesomes with their German nanny Lorraine Gilles among others.

According to the paperwork exotic dancer Siara Diande will testify as to the 'circumstances surrounding the sexual interaction between Petitioner, Respondent and herself, in or about early November 2010'.

Diande, 32, has previously revealed she bedded the pair after catching their eye at a strip club in Kings Cross, Sydney.

To be charged with witness tampering, the attempt to alter or prevent testimony is sufficient.