Adult chat madras

One might even spot the RHIB on which Marg and Hector felt – I decanted enough Meat and Masala, arranging it carefully on top of the Special Rice. The Lamb was cut small, there was definitely enough. I searched through the Masala Mash whose consistency was Excellent. Father was in the kitchen, Mother came to take the Order, and the ever so charming Daughter brought the Food and Drinks.

The LG was set up with the Curry-Heute Website and the Calling Card handed over.

Green Chillies accompanied the Standard Toppings – Ginger Strips and Fresh Coriander.

A – Celine had observed the intense note-taking and photographing of everything that did not move.

It was time to reveal why Hector was here this evening.

Lovely people, we shall remember our first Curry in Fuerteventura.– to be informed that three 330ml Bottles of Sparkling Water (£2.50) had been ordered, no Large Bottles available. A Bar, yes, this is a Restaurant-proper, tablecloths too. – to be lost in a stuffed Paratha, it was, however this was a Wondrous Paratha, the Seasoning! I would encourage Marg to have a slice knowing I would never finish it. The Lilac Light meant I could not see the basis of the Masala.