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CC: MMP, dude, Troy Aikman was right, and you were wrong. CC: …Too bad the Bears will only come away with three here.

Ape: I think we have another Ravens/Colts game on our hands.

Next up, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger! “Anyway, the next day we sent out four squadrons and dropped over 50,000 kilotons of munitions on a small Thai rice farm town called Pho Met. MMP: …And how better to follow that than a Mushin Muhammad drop? CC: But only because I fucking hate hot, humid summers. Ape: Hot, humid summer is all I know – curse you D.

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I represented the septet as best I could, and I just finished my pre-recorded interview with Spencer and Jett.

It will either make air today or tomorrow on their show, which runs from 4-6 PM local time. MMP: I didn’t see that Rexy tried to call timeout again.[First and goal, and Grossman egregiously overthrows an open Desmond Clark in the end zone] Ape: Fuck It, I’m Going Deep (at the 1)MMP: Benson stuffed on 2nd down like a pita pocket.

MMP: this will be 30-0, with 10 field goals CC: Brilliant move by the Saints. CC: If the Saints offense doesn’t give the D a rest, the Bears’ll start scoring TDs instead of FGs.[Grossman goes back to overthrowing receivers in the red zone.]MMP: He even overthrew the other team. CC: My recommendation to the Saints: begin scoring.

CC: “His best throw of the day” — Aikman CC: How about his ONLY good throw?

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