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Top of Page The Control Strategy Tool (Co ST) is a client-server system and is part of EPA's Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF).

The purpose of Co ST is to model the emission reductions and engineering costs associated with control strategies applied to point, area, and mobile sources of air pollutant emissions to support the analyses of air pollution policies and regulations.

Thanks to B&H and Lacie for sending out this 6big Thunderbolt 3 6-Bay RAID Array for me to try out, and I have to say it's certainly my made my workflow a lot more productive in many ways.

Provided below are the cost-related models and tools maintained by EPA.

On this page: The EPA Air Pollution Control Cost Manual provides guidance for the development of accurate and consistent costs for air pollution control devices.

The Co ST CMDB “At A Glance” Control Measure Document is temporarily unavailable because it is being updated with corrected data.

The updated document will be posted on this webpage once revisions are complete.

State, local and tribal agencies will be able to use this information in developing emission reduction strategies, plans and programs to assure they attain and maintain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).

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