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The pollen in the air is aimed at more than one flower.

Flowers are some of the most horny, polygamous organisms out there. That first warm week hits, the girls wear skirts and I'm suddenly out from under winter's gray shroud.

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That Auld Lang Sine song makes me feel happy and miserable at the same time.

But, after the holiday fanfare, I grow more and more depressed and angry.

With all the super cute girls in such great moods, it is tough to just stick to dating one girl.3. The holidays are an amazing time to be with someone, party hopping, eating, exchanging gifts and selling out at the gigantic tree at Rockefeller plaza.

Then there is New Year's, and it's always fun to have someone to kiss at New Year's.

I'd associate songs with her, and fruitlessly try to get her to date me.