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At the end of the three workshops, Annie checks in with you via a 30 min phone call to check how you are progressing in achieving your action plan for love.Please Note: The Successfully Single programme is charged separately to the introductory talk on Fri 16th Feb, 2018.Thankfully, you are on one of the very best Dublin dating sites therefore your journey towards true love (or whatever it is that you are looking for) will be far easier.

We have been operating our matchmaking agency in Dublin for more than four years now and we have a large number of members who want to start meeting people in Dublin City and County.

We have built up a great reputation for being the premier matchmakers in Dublin, and month on month our membership levels are increasing due to word of mouth and recommendations from our happy members.

It will normalise the ups and downs of dating and being single.

With the rise of online dating there are more ways to meet someone yet more Irish people are single than ever before?

This expects to be a very enjoyable and informative event with opportunities to engage with like-minded people over a glass of wine.

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