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We also know that the Galatian Celts had Druids who were famed through the middle east as Magi and were often employed in royal courts as Wise Men (Astrologers). Mathews, a professor of theoretical astrophysics and cosmology at the University of Notre Dame says that April 17, 6 B.

It is considered likely that the Wise Men of the New Testament who attended Jesus after His birth were such who were ready for a great king to appear since their prophecy period ended at that time. C., was exactly when Jupiter was ‘in the East,’ a morning star, Robert Molnar of Rutgers University found that Jupiter had two eclipses by the Moon in 6 BC.

In those days his most likely point of entry would be Devon or Cornwall.

The four synods of Pisa 1409, Constance 1417, Sienna 1424 and Basle 1434, mention that “the Churches of France and Spain must yield in points of antiquity and precedence to that of Britain as the latter Church was founded by Joseph of Arimathea immediately after the passion of Christ.” It is possible that these references are to Saint Joseph of Arimathea having financed Saint Aristibule and probably having accompanied him.

The second eclipse on April 17 th coincided precisely when Jupiter was in the east, which is mentioned twice in the Biblical account about the Star of Bethlehem.

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