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The charts divide the periods between Koon (1998 to 2003); PROTECT (2003-2004); Booker (2005-2007); Gall (2007-2011); and Post-Report (2011-2016)When the sentencing judge took an offender’s violent past into account, black men still received sentences that were on average 20.4 percent longer than that of white men.

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Either way, if you’re nosey like me, you’ll enjoy being in the “know” nonetheless.

Black men are given harsher prison sentences compared to white men who have committed the same crime, according to new government data released on Friday.

The USSC is a bipartisan agency that operates under the authority of the Justice Department.

The report is an analysis of demographic prison data collected from 2012 until 2016.

According to the US Sentencing Commission, African-American males serve on average 19.1 percent longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same crime.