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According to the information from Albanian Lesbian and Gay Association, there are also male sex workers from Roma population or Gypsy community who practice street sex work.

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Efforts to estimate the epidemiological situation of HIV among CSW include also promotion of Couples Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CVCT) among the victims of traffic and/or former CSW sheltered in the shelters of IOM.

) are residents of Australia who are of Albanian heritage or descent, often from Albania and Kosovo but also Montenegro and Macedonia.

The Penal Code anticipates a punishment varying from a simple fine up to three years of detention for persons practicing commercial sex.

Excerpt from a study made by the Albanian Institute for Public Health and Aksion Plus, SWAN Member from Albania, on sex work situation in this South-East European country.

Edited by SWAN News Sex work is a relatively new phenomenon in Albania, dating from the early nineties.