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It’s the Christmas month, and I have seen nine innocent deaths, four days prior to Christmas. This is a post that has been created with the space characters from the three packs of the all-new Colgate Magical Space Adventure.

Raman said that he was completely clueless how he could help Mollie.

Mollie answered him back, she had dropped the ring to be picked up by a creature, who is kind and has a brave heart with the indomitable desire to save their home planet; and by the aid of their advanced brain analytic device, they have discovered that both the qualities were present in Raman.

Yesterday when I made three fresh rotis for her and called her desperately, she was not responding. The chilly winter cannot be the reason because it’s not that cold in Mumbai. We have no clue for the deaths, but the mother is so heartbroken that she is sitting there till now, unwilling to move even an inch, moaning.

I went to her, cuddled her; she responded, but refused the food and went back to the same position again after few seconds.

Thanks to Colgate, I have got the chance to discover how creative my little brother could be!