Ayn rand online dating

In class, I’ve been called “racist” and “heartless”, but I just figure these labels are appropriate for someone who has an actual sense of justice.So at least that seems like something from an Ayn Rand novel. And then there’s the Objectivist lass who says she’s “currently in the middle of a career change from hospitality to social work,” which seems maybe a strange career choice for a Rand admirer, which she acknowledges, but explains that she really likes working with seniors in a nursing home environment. “If you assume that maybe 1 out of 500 people is a serious fan of Ayn Rand’s novels, on a normal dating site you have a 1 in 500 chance of someone sharing the same basic values,” he says.

Ayn rand online dating

, Ayn Rand's novels are more than just "a good read"; they inspire us to become better human beings.

The values dramatized in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged — the values of reason, independence, hard work, and personal integrity, among others — provide the framework for a unique moral vision, one which can be profoundly inspiring.

What, then, could be more natural than to be drawn to others who shared the same reaction to Ayn Rand's novels?

Perhaps this explains why campus clubs devoted to Ayn Rand's ideas proliferate at universities around the world, and why even non-students assemble groups in their community to meet, socialize, and discuss Ayn Rand's ideas. Works of art — such as Ayn Rand's novels — can provide that fuel at times.

I really wanted to know personally on an intellectual level (if that’s even possible) why and how the modern liberal thought (or didn’t think).