Dbml file not updating

Thus, no changes will be reflected to your database.

Sometime, while writing comparatively big linq to sql query, you might be interested to see what kind of resultant sql query is actually generated for a specific kind of operations.

We just need to create a new object of corresponding database table type, then add it to the Data Context object and then commit the changes. If you want to insert more than one row, then you will have to create a ‘List’ array object containing all the ‘User’ objects and then use ‘Insert All On Submit‘ method, it will work fine.

Get Command(q); //Show the command text/sql query text on console Console. Command Text); Hope this article will be helpful for you for writing simple linq to sql query thus help doing basic database operations.

I will be writing on some more advance level linq to sql usage soon.

Added additional code to get it working on Visual Studio 2013.

Linq 2 Sql : INQ to SQL is an ORM (object relational mapping) implementation, which allows you to model a relational database using . You can then query the database using LINQ, as well as update/insert/delete data from it.

NET framework 3.5 and for earlier framework version, you will have to use ‘Remove’ method instead of ‘Delete On Submit’ method.