Dating busy schedule

It’s easier for them to move on and find someone else. They could also be using her schedule as the cover-up reason for why they truly don’t want to continue dating her because she’s already inadvertently given them an out.

Or she could be assuming that her schedule is always the reason, thus avoiding any other dating issues that might need to be addressed. I dated and was engaged and married for many years to a man who worked various night shifts, and where there’s a will, there’s a way to have a good relationship with challenging schedules.

When she’s home, she’s usually training for a bike race or a triathlon.

Jamie is a lawyer at a big New York City firm who has to do her 2000 billable hours a year and rarely has a free weekend to relax.

She’s a wonderful and impressive person…and she’s simply not available.

The truth is, Rachael, guys don’t care all that much about your resume.

Either they didn’t have the time to log in to Match.