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Then I kept drinking and the next thing I know I wake up with him on top of me having a good time and I thought: You Prick!

" Alcohol and drugs are half the fun of going to a party.

But it's important to know when you switch from "having fun" to "being out of it".

If you're too stoned or drunk to know what you are doing, you are putting yourself at risk…of having unsafe sex; of having sex when you didn't really want it or having sex when you definitely didn't want it, which is rape. You could wake up pregnant, with a sexually transmitted infection or just feeling rotten about yourself. Party Rules • Decide how much you're going to have BEFORE you go out and stick to it • Slow down the effects of drinking before you go out by having something to eat and drinking water, not alcohol, when you're thirsty • Hang out with people you trust • Agree with a friend beforehand to tell you when you're making a fool of yourself.

You can have an STI: • At any age • And not know about it for months even years as you may be infected but have no symptoms • And infect others without knowing it • And become infertile if it remains untreated • Even after the symptoms have been treated • And, with the right treatment, often be completely cured.